Have We Gone CBD Crazy?!?

I LOVE CBD. Anyone who knows me knows that I am absolutely crazy about this industry and about cannabis. I love reading that beautiful 13 year old Alexis Bortell has been completely seizure free for FOUR years now because of cannabis!! That's INCREDIBLE!! I also love hearing that another child has been weaned off of Phenobarbital and is almost weaned off of Keepra since starting on CBD for his seizures. He's also stopped throwing things and breaking things and his aggression has calmed way down. All because of CBD. Amazing, right?

The founder of Jelly Belly comes out with CBD infused jelly beans and sells out immediately!

But do we really need CBD in everything? It was just days ago that I saw the article about the founder of Jelly Belly coming out with a new line of CBD-infused jelly beans... and they sold out almost immediately on the website! Today I shared an article on my Facebook page about Willie Nelson's new CBD infused whole coffee beans that were just introduced. There's CBD vape, and CBD tape (the newest fad in kinesiology tape), there's CBD suppositories, and CBD water, and CBD bubbly drinks, and CBD bath bombs, and the list goes on and on!

Here's my take on it. CBD is the new gold rush and everyone wants a piece of it. I love Jelly Belly's. I've had an addiction to them for years, and quite honestly it takes massive willpower to walk by one of those stores that has all the flavors and not go in and buy a pound or 5... but do I need them to be infused with CBD? No, not really. Will I end up buying some? Probably so... if they can ever keep them in stock! I also love my coffee every morning. I do buy a nice organic dark roast, but it doesn't have CBD in it?!? I take my CBD oil every single day... just not with my jelly beans or my coffee. But hey, good for Jelly Belly and Willie... I probably would feel less guilty about both pleasures if I know I'm getting a little CBD mixed in with my sugar and caffeine!!!

It's not going to end any time soon, y'all. As a matter of fact, the CBD industry is JUST getting started! There really will be some very exciting products that will enter the marketplace and some of them will be life changing! Some of them already are!! (like our 3500 mg physician grade oil!!) I for one am pretty pumped to see all the buzz about CBD, even it we are talking jelly beans and coffee! Why? Because it's getting the conversation going about CBD, and that's so important! Jelly beans with CBD probably won't change your life, but our 3500 mg oil just might!

I don't know everything there is to know about CBD... not even close. But here's what I do know. I know that children are getting off of really scary pharmaceutical drugs for seizures and having fantastic success with CBD. I know that there's a little girl who has my heart, that was given days to live and in desperation her parents turned to cannabis to help manage the cancer (both CBD and THC), and myself along with about 60,000 other people, have witnessed nothing short of a miracle!! Thank you Jesus!! She will be going home soon!! I know that there's a daughter out there who started giving her mom our 3500 mg oil for her Parkinson's disease, and she's been able to get off her Xanax!! I know that my sister was able to use cannabis to treat her pain after a very serious neck surgery this time last year, instead of the pharmaceuticals that made her feel horrible. That's winning in my book!!

You're going to hear a lot about CBD my friends. You probably already have and that's why you're here... you're curious but cautious, and maybe slightly overwhelmed! And you should be, because not all oils are alike!! Heck, you can buy CBD oil at gas stations now... but should you?? Probably not! With all the CBD craze that's only going to get crazier, it's nice to know that you can trust CBD BioCare! Sure there are other good companies out there... I've tried some of their oils and they were ok... but these products are exceptional!! Made from medical hemp and not industrial hemp, we aren't your vape shop oil or the oil on the gas station shelf. This is plant based medicine at its finest, and we truly are "changing lives one bottle at a time." Here's to your health!!




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