Does Cannabis Kill Cancer?

Unless you've been living under a rock and have stayed away from Facebook or any other form of social media,you know that childhood cancer seems to be everywhere. Actually, cancer in general seems to be everywhere. I would be willing to bet that every single person who reads this has been affected by cancer in one way or another. Either you have battled it personally, someone you love is currently battling it or has in the past, or someone you love has died from it. It's everywhere it seems. Every day I see a new post about someone who was just diagnosed and already they've been given the "life expectancy" speech by their oncologist who somehow knows how much time they have left on the earth with treatment, and how much time they have left without treatment. Really?? Only God knows the day and time and He's not spilling the beans... why do they feel the need to? A patient hears their death sentence, takes it and starts processing that information, and it turns out that studies show many of the people who are given a certain time frame to live, die within that time frame! Why? Because the mind is one of the most powerful tools we have. It plays a HUGE role in healing the body, and I believe it plays a significant role in losing the fight against cancer.

Many of you know that there's a little girl named Julia who has been fighting for her life after her parents were told she had days, maybe a week at the most, to live. With nothing to lose and everything in the world to gain, her parents made the brave decision to start Julia on cannabis oil and build her up to therapeutic doses. The hope was that the cannabis oil would slow down the cancer enough that treatment options would be back on the table! TEN days after starting the alternative therapies, another scan was done and not only had the cancer growth slowed way down, the tumor on her brainstem had shrunk too!! She has had 5 rounds of chemo, and this LITTLE WARRIOR will be going home soon!!! Does cannabis kill cancer? It certainly helped her body fight off the awful side effects of the chemo, and the last scan showed NO growth at all!! Can we agree that cannabis should be being used to help the patient block the awful side effects of chemo? We've all heard the saying... "If cancer doesn't kill you, the chemo will"... and sadly I have seen that happen way too many times. Chemotherapy is poisonous and toxic. Does it kill cancer cells? Sometimes. It also kills all the good cells, kills the appetite, causes neuropathy, makes you lose your hair and your eyebrows, drastically weakens the immune system... etc... and if we know that cannabis helps lessen these awful side effects shouldn't it be administered right alongside chemo... to EVERYONE?? There's another brave little girl who was sent home to die about 3 weeks ago, and her parents also made the brave decision to start treating her with cannabis oil after they were told she had days to live. Guess what?? She's talking again. She's eating again. She's responsive again. She's doing SO well that her parents and her hospice nurses want to take her for a second opinion... this much of a change after less than a month on cannabis oil...

Here's what I think and it's probably going to make a few people mad. I think that cancer is a business in this country.Pharmaceutical companies are making billions of dollars selling chemotherapy and all the drugs that go along with "helping the side effects" of the chemo I think that although there are good doctors out there, the majority of them don't know diddly squat about anything close to nutrition and how to use it to heal the body! In fact, they might laugh at you if you ask them about what to eat when you're trying to beat cancer, and chances are they will say to eat whatever you want. They also aren't going to tell you that cannabis can help you, and they certainly aren't going to tell you that it could kill some cancer cells! But here's the deal... doctors don't know everything!!!!! It's time to be our own health advocate and do our own research and decide for ourselves if cannabis is an option we want to explore... because it's a plant y'all. Not one person has ever died from it. There are no harmful side effects. And... did you know that the government has known for decades that cannabis contained medicinal properties (Patent 6630507 references 12 other U.S. patents related to cannabis dating back to 1942).

Do your research, please. Don't be afraid of a plant that was meant to heal. Clearly, it has made a difference for two little girls, who according to their doctors, weren't supposed to still be here today. It's time to end the stigma and save more lives. Period. Oh, and give this video a watch... I promise you it will be worth your time.


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