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I was first introduced to CBD oil back in 2016 because my sister was using it for inflammation in her hands. As a glassblower using heavy equipment 
and working with her hands every day, she was the perfect candidate for the relief that CBD could offer her, and it did!! Not only did it help tremendously with her pain, but it brought down the inflammation so much that a ring she had just had resized to fit her swollen finger, was now too loose!! Being a cancer survivor after having battled breast cancer in 2012, she had no way of knowing that shortly after finding out about the healing benefits of CBD and incorporating it into her daily regimen, she would be told that the cancer had returned. And THIS is why I do what I do. Although I can't make any medical claims for obvious reasons, if you haven't yet googled CBD for cancer, or alzheimer's, or epilepsy, or stroke victims, or brain injuries, or severe anxiety, or PTSD, or insomnia. and the list goes on and on¦ do it now!! You will be hard pressed to find something that CBD can't help with!! And it's all because God designed our body with an endocannabinoid system!! I call it the perfect plant, created by a PERFECT God! It turns out that our bodies were literally designed to have all of the wonderful medicinal compounds that can be found in the oil. And when we give our bodies what it needs, it responds! Not only does CBD oil balance the body, but it also balances the mind!! It's called homeostasis, or perfect balance! 
So now that you know WHY you need CBD oil, my hope is that you will give it a try!! It might just change your life!! my sister's recurrence of breast cancer has a happy ending that I want to share with you! ???????? She moved to Colorado, treated her cancer with cannabis, and is now cancer free!!! 
SO, I applaud you for being here and being your own health advocate!! CBD oil has taken away my chronic anxiety and replaced it with a sense of well-being! It's brought relief to painful hands from years of being both a piano player and a piano teacher.. and it helps me get a better night's sleep! No matter what you're struggling with, CBD oil is a powerful, plant based medicine that will surprise you! 
I'm here to help you!! Please reach out to me via email, or any social media platforms that you see listed! I geek out when it comes to talking about this, so I would LOVE to chat!! CBD BioCare has so many awesome products to choose from, all made in the USA, with tender loving care, because we care about YOU!! Have fun shopping and don't forget to use the coupon code at the bottom for an additional savings! My gift to you!! Here's to better health! God Bless and thanks again for stopping by!